Self-Improvement Graphic Novel Coloring Books and more!

Paths2color is a symbol for exploring all the paths we color as we live our life. Every choice we make and opportunity we take can set in motion a different path filled with hopes, dreams, inspired action, and re-empowered living. Every product we create includes a story with custom labyrinths you can 'walk' with your finger for self-discovery. Come celebrate and explore all the paths2color that are a part of your life!


Each graphic novel coloring book we design is a combination of graphic novel and comic book/storybook that you color! Our Family-Time Storybook to Color Adventures are for younger colorists and our Mindful Coloring Books are for the more mature adult colorist.

Who We Are...

Dr. Bill Ressl and Dr. Penny Taylor

We are a husband and wife team, Dr. Bill Ressl, LCSW (aka the Rev. William G. Ressl, MDiv, MSW, PhD, LCSW) and Dr. Penny Taylor, LCSW (aka Rev. Penny L. Taylor, MDiv, MSW, PhD, LCSW) from Brookfield, Illinois, USA. In addition to being Ordained Ministers in the United Church of Christ (UCC) and Licensed Clinical Social Workers (LCSW), with PhD’s in theology, ethics, and the human sciences ...MORE...

Family-Time Fun... The Joy of Good Will Storybook to Color

Family-Time fun for young colorists! Enjoy three tales exploring the Golden Rule as you gather around a table to read, color, and enjoy ...MORE...

Serious Fun... Rethinking Retirement Mindful Coloring Book

Whether you are 20 years old and beginning to dream about retirement or 100 years old and rethinking your retirement years, this mindful coloring book is for you …MORE…Bottom of Form