Rethinking Retirement Mindful Coloring Book for Self-Improvement Enjoyment


This graphic novel coloring book, integrating historic Christian practices of mindfulness with ideas from narrative therapy, is a self-improvement journey that is like a graphic novel and comic book that you color! Enjoy some serious fun as you explore retirement!


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* Over 100 pages of self-improvement enjoyment

* Fun drawings to color

* 27 hidden symbols to find

* Space to journal your thoughts

* 10 custom labyrinths to 'walk' and color


Color your way to new retirement plans and goals! Whether you are 20 years old and beginning to dream about retirement or 100 years old and rethinking your retirement, this Rethinking Retirement Mindful Coloring Book is for you. With over 100 amazing eye-opening pages of fun and entertaining images to color, 27 hidden symbols, space to journal your thoughts, and 10 custom labyrinths to ‘walk’ just waiting to burst with color. Like a mix of graphic novel and comic book, this is an engaging storybook to color that helps to imagine and unlock your vision and goals of retirement.


Delight in a coloring adventure as you rethink retirement by following the amazing journey of PB Caterpillar who magically transforms life as PB Butterfly. Through an integration of historic Christian practices of mindfulness with ideas from narrative therapy - and together with Will the Wandering Genie, your journey companion -  we explore retirement as PB Caterpillar begins a fresh new start as PB Butterfly following the 4 paths of Resilient Re-Invention. Your eyes will be opened to new adventures as you join PB Caterpillar on a complete life review. Unlock and enjoy “The Path to Happiness Labyrinth” and other custom labyrinth walks through a mindful journey with practices rooted in Christian traditions. Ask yourself: “What is on my Bucket List?” - as you rethink retirement by way of one of the several mindful labyrinth walks. Explore with PB the four eye-opening interlocking action paths toward Resilient Re-Invention, namely Hope-Finding, Dream-Making, Confident Experimentation, and Life-Rebuilding. Each will boost your senses to rethink and unveil your thoughts and behaviors toward retirement. Find more hidden treasures and key symbols of change concealed throughout the coloring book as you find hope, make new dreams, and experiment with confidence. Rebuild and celebrate life as you play with color and unlock Resilient Re-Invention. Enjoy relaxing with your Rethinking Retirement Mindful Coloring Book!


Enjoy Some Serious Fun...

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Publication Date: Jul 11 2017

ISBN/EAN13: 1548798177 / 9781548798178

Page Count: 118

Binding Type: US Trade Paper

Trim Size: 8.5" x 11"

Language: English

Color: Black and White

Written and illustrated by Dr. Bill Ressl, LCSW and Dr. Penny Taylor, LCSW