Our Graphic Novel Coloring Books

We offer two lines of graphic novel coloring books that are a combination of graphic novel and comic book/storybook that you color... specifically, our Family-Time Storybook to Color Adventures for younger colorists and Mindful Coloring Books for more mature colorists. Each is written and illustrated by Dr. Bill Ressl, LCSW and Dr. Penny Taylor, LCSW - and the product of over 30 years of research exploring life transitions through psychology, social work, pastoral theology, ritual studies, and life experiences. Every graphic novel coloring book we create includes a story to enjoy, drawings to color, hidden words and/or images to find, space to journal your thoughts, and custom labyrinths to 'walk' and enjoy.

Building off of Dr. Bill's early formative years and family tradition of visiting his grandparents and coloring around the kitchen table, our Family-Time Storybook to Color Adventures, for younger colorists, invites families to enjoy some family time - gathering together to read, color, and share stories. Each includes a fun story with additional opportunities to share ideas and thoughts with one another. Each Mindful Coloring Book, for mature colorists, invites the integration of historic Christian practices of mindfulness with ideas from narrative therapy to create a self-improvement coloring adventure.


Each graphic novel coloring book we create includes a story with paths to color and custom labyrinths that take you through a four-step journey toward Resilient Re-Invention.  The four steps of Resilient Re-Invention, usually divided by chapter titles, offer you the chance to explore Hope-Finding, Dream-Making, Confident Experimentation (For Real Practice in our Storybooks to Color), and Life-Rebuilding. Hope-Finding encourages awareness of possibilities helping to see God’s grace in our walk and talk. Dream-Making helps to expose freedom to envision a pilgrimage of change toward a new reality. Confident Experimentation (For-Real Practice) invites and acceptance of peace on the journey of self-improvement and knowing God’s grace is with us through all the ups and downs. It helps to recognize obstacles and run experiments to move toward wellfulness. Wellfulness encourages critical reflection toward understanding and balance in the psychological, spiritual, biological, and social realities of life so that the embodiment and practice of Resilient Re-Invention through change walk and talk can be brought to life. Last, Life-Rebuilding inspires courage toward living new realities - living into all that God has imagined for us to be. We hope you enjoy our graphic novel coloring books as much as we have enjoyed creating them for you!